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IC inbox for Natsuru Senou
Residence: Osiris' Temple
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IC inbox for Aneko Naomi (Natsuru Senou)
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Natsuru Senou
1431 Holly Heights
Wife: Sayaka Maizono
Son: Tadashi Yamaguchi

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  • Kämpfer genderswap AU, in which Natsuru was always a girl - mostly played or implied in memes when the male form or canon sexswap doesn't come into play
  • Holly Heights CRAU (September 2013 - April 2016)
  • Currently in Forest Covered, branching off from October 2014 of Holly Heights
  • Currently in The Far Shore, post Holly Heights closure

General CRAU Stuff: Since all CRAUs branch off from Holly Heights, a lot of character development has happened beyond what's shown in the original canon. See The Far Shore application for a complete, brief summary of one CRAU version's canon and previous game history. Forest Covered's CRAU differs quite a bit in the details, having spun off from earlier in Natsuru's Holly Heights history, but the basic points of development are similar. I do use female pronouns when the character is physically female for several reasons, including that Natsuru does this in the series itself. Though he still very much identified as male in canon, and refused to explore the female side of things largely because of the fanservice shenanigans the canon puts female Natsuru through, CRAUs in which this is not a thing have gotten a lot more flexible on gender identity and presentation. They've also gotten a lot better about not being confused by girls in general.



Backtagging: I live on backtags, so most definitely!
Threadhopping: I'd appreciate a heads-up, but most likely I'll be okay with it!
Fourthwalling: Um... good luck? Natsuru's canon is super obscure, at least beyond the fact that it exists. But seriously, run it by me first just to make sure it won't break my poor character!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing I've run into yet, will update if this changes.


Hugging this character: Anytime~! With girls, will be flustered like crazy, but won't actually do anything. Guys, probably prepare to get punched in the face or something.
Kissing this character: As long as there's context leading up to it! Results will be much the same as hugging.
Flirting with this character: Go for it! Natsuru might roll their eyes at the more obvious pickup lines, or guys showing obvious interest, but otherwise is clueless and probably wouldn't realize it's happening.
Fighting with this character: You can if you want to! The Kämpfer form has magical girl powers, so she's surprisingly strong/fast/et cetera for a teenage girl. Also she can blast you with fire. Male form is still just ordinary average human, though.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Accidental injuries or injuries from minor scuffles are fine, as long as they are minor and not anything debilitating. Anything more, I'd be willing to discuss OOCly.
Killing this character: In general, nope. Exceptions may apply, but that's something that'd have to be planned and discussed OOCly.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Absolutely fine with this! Anything in action brackets / narration is freely available to be read.

Warnings: None that I can think of? There's some possibly touchy material in canon, done as humor and fanservice, but Natsuru was never the cause of it and doesn't really talk about it anymore.
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CHARACTER: Natsuru Senou
CANON: Kämpfer (+ [community profile] hollyheights CRAU, September 2013 - April 2016)
VESSEL NAME: Kyouki (響), located on left inner thigh well above the knee
VESSEL FORM: Dance outfit
POWER: Mystical Dance, with Cloth Manipulation effect
GOD: Nuada Airgetlam
CAUSE OF DEATH: Fatally injured in an otherwise mundane automobile accident
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Canon Name: Natsuru Senou
Work Name: Aneko Naomi
Canon: Kämpfer / Holly Heights CRAU (September 2013 - October 2014)

Age/Sex/Gender: 20 (physically 18) / Female / Male originally, currently presenting as female by choice
Height: 174cm / 5'8½"
Weight: 55 kg
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human / enhanced physical abilities and fire elemental magic when transformed into Kämpfer form

Occupation/s: Model / Performer (singer) / occasional Waitress at the Cotton Club
Point Total: ???
  • a growing collection of trendy casual clothes and nice dresses
  • at least one ball gown (because compulsory staff parties)
  • basic winter gear (coat, hat, gloves, scarf, warm tights)
  • some makeup and accessories
  • 1 magically powered microphone
  • a weird recycled glass wind chime
  • Kämpfer "contract bracelet"
  • a magical signet ring that allows the wearer to speak to ordinary animals
  • a hairpin from the Witch
  • a saucer sled with a bell on it for some reason
  • various jewelry from her girlfriend
  • Ella Fitzgerald compilation CD, also from her girlfriend
  • a "fire" pendant from Princess Anna Ardea
  • a hand-modified bracelet from Hajime Tsukuru
  • Cotton Club waitress uniform
  • a formerly spell-warding barrette from young witches in training
  • small magical vase that preserves any single flower placed inside (currently a peony)
  • Elizabeth's choker

Other Notes: Since Elizabeth left, Naomi basically treats the choker she was given as if it were an engagement ring. She will always wear it unless she needs to take it off for something. Just a fun fact.


Platonic Physical Contact: Totally okay! Flustered reactions are likely, but she's gotten used to this sort of thing with some of her CR...
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Go for it if you want hilarious reactions and/or antics. Possibly even violent reactions if it's contact of a more sexual nature coming from a male character. Be warned that she's taken, and her girlfriend is very protective.
Violent Physical Contact: Nothing that can cause notable injury without prior discussion, but anything else is fine. She can take care of herself, at least in a physical sense.
Mindreading: Absolutely! Anything in brackets/narration is open to be read, and probably more if any mindreading characters want to dig a little deeper. Just let me know and I'll throw as much as I can into tags!
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Practically everything leads to awkward with this one, but only truly gross behavior skeeves her out. If you're a total perv and/or murderhappy, expect her to not like you. Manipulative people also set her off if she picks up on it, but she's... more prone to being the one manipulated...
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Nothing that's likely to come up in most games.
Other Notes: None I can think of yet!


3/9/13 21:30
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